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About Us

Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement. This women’s fraternity enhances and promotes each member's development and learning by focusing on sisterhood, service, scholarship, leadership, loyalty and character.


What to Expect

As a member building a new organization, your daughter will have a sorority experience that includes creating a path for her new chapter and making decisions that will affect UGA Alpha Phi for the life of the chapter. The decisions made in the early days of the new chapter will set the tone for a lifetime of memories – not only for your daughter, but for generations of Alpha Phis at UGA. This new chapter is supported by local and international alumnae and on-site consultant support. A new chapter is a safe-haven for innovative ideas and collaborative problem solving. Your daughter will have leadership opportunities from the day she joins, and these opportunities will make her a better friend, student and individual.

Anti-Hazing Policy
Alpha Phi has strict policies against hazing. As a membership organization that values the highest ideals of womanhood, we work to ensure members have a safe, positive experience in Alpha Phi.

Alumnae Initiation
Alpha Phi Fraternity offers alumnae initiate membership to outstanding women who are committed to the principles of friendship, sisterhood, and support. Whether they chose not to take advantage of sorority membership as a collegian, did not have the opportunity at their university or did not attend an institution of higher education, they may now be eligible to become Alpha Phis. Once initiated, alumnae have the opportunity to participate in the local alumnae chapter, serve as an advisor for a collegiate chapter or attend Alpha Phi events. If you are a mother, aunt, sister, or friend of a collegiate Alpha Phi and are interested in this unique opportunity, contact Kathy Gerlach at


Nearby Chapters

Where can I find Alpha Phi chapters?

Alpha Phi is one of the largest women’s fraternal organizations in the world, with over 222,000 initiated members and 170 collegiate chapters. Below are just a few of our collegiate chapters near the University of Georgia:

  • Alabama – Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Appalachian State – Boone, NC
  • Clemson – Clemson, SC
  • Duke – Durham, NC
  • East Carolina – Greenville, NC
  • Florida – Gainesville, FL Coming Fall 2018!
  • Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
  • Georgia Tech – Atlanta, GA
  • Kentucky – Lexington, KY
  • Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, LA
  • Mississippi – Oxford, MS
  • Missouri – Columbia, MO
  • North Florida – Jacksonville, FL
  • Oklahoma – Norman, OK
  • Texas – Austin, TX
  • Texas Tech – Lubbock, TX
  • UNC Chapel Hill – Chapel Hill, NC
  • UNC Wilmington – Wilmington, NC

History of Alpha Phi International

Alpha Phi was founded at Syracuse University by ten of the first twenty women admitted to the newly opened university. The Original Ten, the founders of Alpha Phi, were women of courageous vision and pioneering hearts. Pursuing their studies in a male-dominated university, these women yearned for a circle of friends who could sympathize with each other’s troubles and support each other’s ambitions. On September 18, 1872, these ten women initiated themselves into Alpha Phi.

To learn more about our remarkable sorority, please visit the Alpha Phi International website.