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  • Alpha Phi International
    Cheering on all of our chapters who are holding PHI-lanthropy events this fall! We’re so proud of the work you do for women’s ❤ health! ⚽️ #GOALPHAPHI 📷: @alphaphiumn
    Alpha Phi International
    We all remember the moment that the Alpha Phi badge was pinned upon our chest! We cannot wait for all of Alpha Phi's new members to experience this incredible moment so soon! #GOALPHAPHI 📷: @iowastatealphaphi
    Alpha Phi International
    We've got spirit! Yes, we do! We've got spirit! How 'bout you? 🎉🏈 #GOALPHAPHI 📷: @uscalphaphi
  • We wish the women of @AlphaChiOmegaHQ a very happy Founders' day!
    The ladies of Alpha Phi wish a very happy Founders' Day to @ZTAFraternity!
    Happy Founders' Day to the women of @KappaKappaGamma!

  • A Letter From Our President

    Letter from the President

    April Marketing Week!

    Alpha Phi will be on campus April 17-22! We can't wait to get to know the Greek community! Below is a list of events where you can find Alpha Phi representatives on campus:
    • Tuesday, April 18: Tabling 11am - 2pm - Tate Plaza Breezeway
    • Wednesday, April 19: Tabling 11am - 2pm - The Lawn
    • Thursday, April 20: Tabling 11am - 2pm - Plaza tables
    • Thursday, April 20: Info Session 5pm in MLC Room 171
    • Friday, Apri; 21L Tabling 11am - 2pm - Plaza Tables
    • If you have any questions about our upcoming campus visit, please email us at!